vns威尼斯人 is dedicated to protecting your security and account information. 我们在安保系统里安插了最好的人, 入侵软件, 以及保护我们成员的防火墙. 我们保持身体, 电子, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulations to guard your personal information.


Online Banking allows members of vns威尼斯人 to conduct financial transactions via the internet on a secure website operated by Tulsa FCU. Tulsa FCU has in place various security policies and procedures to reduce the risk of unauthorized online access to member’s accounts.

在线密码由字母组成(A A B B C C…), 数字(1 2 3…), 和特殊字符(@#$%…).

Tulsa FCU will never ask you for your user login or password via email, text, or phone. Tulsa FCU will only ask for your username and password when you are logging into Online Banking.

If you are having problem with the home banking system additional information may be asked once the account holder has been verified.


•选择一个高百分比强度级别的密码, 包括大写字母, 小写字母, 数字, 和符号.
•永远不要使用你的社会安全号码, 你驾照上的信息, 尽量不要用字典里的单词.
•让你的密码容易记住,但不易被猜到. 不与任何人分享你的密码. If you have to write it down, store it in a safe place that only you can access.



网络钓鱼是发送电子邮件的行为, phone call or text message in an attempt to get the recipient to visit a fraudulent website or call center and enter sensitive personal information. 通过模仿合法的生意来愚弄收件人. Any information collected by the phisher is then used to steal the recipient’s money or identity.





钓鱼邮件通常是大批量发送的. 为了节省时间, Internet criminals use generic names like “First Generic Bank Customer” so they don’t have to type recipients’ names out and send emails one-by-one. 如果你没有看到你的名字,要怀疑.



即使链接中有你认识的名字, 这并不意味着它与真正的组织有vnsc威尼斯城官网. 将鼠标滚动到链接上,看看它是否与电子邮件中出现的内容相匹配. 如果有差异,不要点击链接. 也, websites where it is safe to enter personal information begin with “http” — the “s” stands for secure. 如果你没有看到“http”,不要继续.



The point of sending phishing email is to trick you into providing your personal information. If you receive an emails requesting your personal information, it is probably a phishing attempt.



网络罪犯希望你现在提供你的个人信息. They do this by making you think something has happened that requires you to act fast. The faster they get your information, the faster they can move on to another victim.



如果你接到一个假电话, 记下来电者的信息,向当地政府报告. 在美国,使用联邦贸易委员会投诉助理表格.

如果你收到假邮件,立即删除它. Be sure to empty your trash so that you don’t accidentally open the link later.




Tulsa FCU will never ask you for any personal information including any account information or social security number via email. 电子邮件是传递相关产品和服务的一种负责任的方式, 法规信息和费率更新, 不收集机密会员资料.



我们采取一切预防措施,以确保您的信息是保密的. The information you provide to us on our website is encrypted and protected with an encryption method called Secure Socket Layer (SSL). 而在安全页面上,底部的锁图标 网络浏览器,如微软的Internet Explorer被锁定, 而不是当你只是在“冲浪”时打开或解锁.



除了上述我们所收集的信息之外, 我们使用技术来收集有关使用我们网站的信息. 例如, our web server automatically logs which pages of our website our visitors view, 他们的IP地址和我们的访问者使用的浏览器. 我们的网站包含超链接到我们网站上的其他页面. We may use technology to track how often these links are used and which pages on our website our visitors choose to view. The companies we contract with may allow us to use technology to collect transaction and site navigation information when you are on their website.



A cookie is a piece of data stored on the hard drive of your computer containing information about you. 单独使用cookie无法发现用户的身份. 饼干 do not contain viruses and most cannot review any of your personally identifiable information unless you willingly provide it as a user on a website. cookie不会损坏您的计算机. We use cookies to track and target your interest in order to enhance your online experience with us.


为了您的方便,我们的网站可能会提供到其他网站的链接. You acknowledge and understand these sites may contain terms and privacy policies that are different from ours. 通过提供这些链接, 我们不会支持, 赞助, or recommending such sites or the materials disseminated by or 服务 provided by them, 不负责材料吗, 服务, 或其他情况在或 与任何其他网站相关或来自任何其他网站, and make no representations concerning the content of sites listed in any of the web pages. 因此,我们不能对…负责 精度, 相关性, 遵守版权, 合法性, or decency of material contained in sites listed in any search results or otherwise linked to our website. 例如, 如果你“点击”一个横幅广告或一个搜索结果, 您的“点击”可能会使您退出我们的网站. 这可能包括来自广告商的链接, 赞助商, and content partners that may use our logos as part of a co-branding agreement. 这些其他网站可能会发送自己的cookie给用户, 收集数据, 征求个人信息, 或者包含你的信息 可能会觉得不合适或冒犯. 此外,网站上的广告商可能会发送 我们不能控制的用户的cookie. 你可以连接到我们网站的主页. However, you may not link to other pages of our website without our express written permission. You also may not “frame" material on our website without our express written permission. We reserve the right to disable links from any third-party sites to our website.


本网站条款适用于您对本网站的使用. 通过访问或使用本网站,您 accept these 网站上 and your continued use of this website constitutes your acceptance 对本网站条款的任何修订.


The Tulsa FCU Mobile App (“the App”) accesses the following information about your activity and device location. 这款应用收集位置数据,甚至可以发送“脉动”信息 应用程序关闭或不使用时. 具体来说,以下信息是 App收集:
•位置-用于地理围栏和信标扫描必不可少的 广告/营销活动
• UserID – Pulsate creates a random user GUID upon initial app access, which is later 在与脉动的每次连接中使用. 这个GUID对于每个设备/应用程序都是唯一的 并在每个应用程序重新安装后更改. 此ID用于标识用户和 发送活动.
• Product Interaction – Pulsate tracks user’s app entry, app exit, and pages viewed within the app.
• Name – Pulsate collects user’s first name for product personalization purposes.
This information may be used for creating targeted communications, offering you products or 服务 that fit your needs, determining your closest Service CU Branch or ATM, or 确定您在哪里执行您的银行交易.


If you feel your account or personal information may have been compromised or you have been charged for something you didn’t authorize, 我们在你身边. Please visit our 欺诈中心 for additional information and helpful phone number.